• Delphine Rose
    August 8, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    My husband and I had an affordable lifetime experience with Earthlife.
    We have just returned from our very first African safari that we had from 23th July – August 4th this year. We were not certain which exact country to go but after a lot of research and a few documentaries, we were convinced that Tanzania was the place to go. However, the task remained, which operator to use? With so many in Tanzania we felt a bit lost. Thanks we found Tanzania tour operator which really brought together few of the most credible local companies to make things easier.
    After sending our requests to local companies (somewhere between 5-7 of them) we felt comfortable with Earthlife Expeditions, we wanted to see as much as we could but without rushing from one place to another and Earthlife Expeditions really met our requests and wishes very easily thanks to Deo the owner of this company. He later mentioned to us that he had been working as a tour guide for nearly 20 years.
    The organization went really smoothly and he was very quick to answer our questions. He also didn’t show any signs of feeling irritated when we kept suggesting changes time after time. We even made some changes in our itinerary just 5 days before safari.
    Another thing worth mentioning was our guide Paul, wow! This man new his work. Sometimes it felt like his all life was based on the Tanzania bushes the way he kept telling us interesting wilderness stories…day after another. I remember when we were in Serengeti we met another safari vehicle and their guide had confused the way back to their lodge, well Serengeti is like so so huge so we were not shocked by this. Amazingly, Paul gave this fellow guide a direction who thanked him and go back to another direction, they were going in a totally wrong way. Later on, we were shocked when Paul told us that the last time he was in that lodge was in 2009.
    Honestly, the whole experience was made possible and so special by our driver guide. We couldn’t thank him enough the way he was guiding us through these wonderful wild places of Tanzania and showing us so much wildlife. The thing I liked most about Paul that he was very respectful, both of the place and of wildlife in general. Something we found so different with other guides especially in the more crowded places like central and north Serengeti. He always stayed calm, never blocked other vehicles view with a greedy of seeing wildlife much closer. What he did was waiting while finding a more convenient space where we felt so comfortable. The man was very knowledgeable and he enjoys guiding tourists through the beautiful parks of Tanzania. We would want to be guided with him again and again whenever we visit Tanzania again!
    Lastly, we were very happy with the accommodation options Earthlife Expeditions suggested to us. All of them were very classy and we couldn’t have wished for more in the package that we opted for which was a mid-range which looked everything like a luxury service. Accommodation and food were all spot on. We recommend booking a safari with Earthlife Expeditions. We are already thinking to go back again in the next August, we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful wildebeests migration despite staying in North Serengeti for 3 days!

  • Bill Wings
    August 8, 2020 at 9:56 pm

    Tanzania safari with Earthlife Expeditions is simply a perfect match
    I am lost with words! Where do I even begin? I am kind of a wanderlust and I am lucky to travel 65 countries across the globe, well Tanzania made it 66 and if there is a single country that is blessed with beautiful parks my answer will always be Tanzania. Perhaps I am being recency biased? Not very sure but for sure this country just stunned us and thanks to Earthlife Expeditions our trip was nothing but a lifetime experience.
    As safari consultant from Earthlife Expeditions called Angel was very helpful and friendly, everything we could’ve asked for. Even though we didn’t have an idea what exactly we wanted to see in Tanzania, Angel came up with a very attractive proposal just after we mentioned our length of stay in Tanzania. She even invited us for a Skype call where she helped breaking down each destination and why they were worth visiting. We were very afraid that lack of flight due to the current lockdowns could’ve affected our travel plans so we were slow to pay but Angel told us not to worry as she suggested an option of doing 50% deposit just before the last 7 days of our trip. Also she shared a very friendly safari amendment policy that allowed guests to postpone their travels and travel again later within 12 months.
    But one thing I should mention that I liked so much with Earthlife expeditions is the way they insisted and maintained the COVID-19 safety measures. Every staff we met had protective mask and gloves and the safari vehicle was always super cleaned and sanitized and had bottles of hand sanitizers with it. Our guide Abu who was very good at spotting animals in the thickets made sure our health and his were never in a jeopardy. When Abu told us he has guided tourists in the Tanzania Parks for more than 30 years now, we were not shocked his high level knowledge and guiding skills had already said for themselves. He could guide us to the quite bush and switch the car off for sometimes and just ask us to remain silent with our cameras….within a few minutes we’d see a wildlife coming out of the bushes in our close proximity.
    If you are planning to go to Tanzania go with these guys. They are very professional and always have attention to even small details. We were so happy with our accommodations thanks to Earthlife Expeditions suggestion. While safaris are expensive, we were very satisfied with the price we were charged. I couldn’t believe how we ended up getting a luxury experience in the bush without paying jaw dropping fees.
    Thank you Earthlife
    Bill Wings, Houston

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